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This filter is designed to be inserted into a flexible hose such as a rubber or silicone intake pipe.


Fits 1-4 F Series B58 Gen 1


These filters have an aluminium ram-pipe neck and a cone shaped filter element. This integral cone channels all the incoming air, towards the inlet manifold, and in doing so, reduces unnecessary turbulence. These filters are also cone shaped because it enables easy fitting to space restricted engine compartments and with the extremely large amount of foam surface area an added boost of power to your engine too!


The filter is specially strengthened using a stainless steel internal mesh, which we have developed & used in european and world touring cars!


With its large size, technologically advanced filter and bell mouth alloy spun base this filter kit is capable of handling extremely large power & flow rates.


External Neck Diameter (mm)Filter Height (mm)Neck Length (mm)Filter Base Width (mm)Top Width (mm)MaterialUnit Quanity


16060200150Twin Layer Foam Body / Aluminium Neck1

3.5" Red RamAir Foam Style Intake

$63.99 Precio
$32.00Precio de oferta
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