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  • B58 Turndown / exhaust delete pipe
  • B58 Turndown / exhaust delete pipe

B58 Turndown / exhaust delete pipe


These are our very own B58 Turndown pipes! Made in Florida, By B58 Racers For B58 Racers! Shoutout @B58_kelvin on Instagram for helping us make these! Make your B58 Sound and feel like a racecar. Recommended for track use vehicles only as this on a daily can get annoying to some.



Comes with Clamp already on for easy install

Works with OEM Exhaust Mount Support Location

Reduces Exaust Restriction AFTER the downpipe

Reduces 50-70lbs with Stock Exhaust being removed!

Garaunteed to piss Karens off within a 1-2 mile radius


Bracket Configuration

Gen 1 / F series B58 - Bracket closer to clamp

Gen 2 / G Series / Supra - Bracket near tip 


Note: Both Gen 1 and 2 have same diameter off the Downpipe, we currently have 1 G series one left that can be used on F Series, it just won't bolt upto the exhaust bracket. (not necessary to attach to bracket, I ran mine like this for months no issues, no extra stress on anything)

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