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We at B58 Racing are proud to introduce the "BIMI" (Built In Monitoring Interface), a digital gauge like no other! We have partnered up with our friends in Ukraine at Unlim Boost to give you a revolutionary product! Now at $499.99! Only In-vent solution for G Series / Supra, along with the MOST amount of external sensor possibilities! 


Note: Installation uses oem FEM connections, cannot be used in conjunction with BM3 Flex Fuel Kit LPFP Location. 



Touchscreen enables you to shuffle through various screens and information.

(Not All info Screens Pictured)

Video Coming Soon

Be able to Log, Graph, and monitor the most important sensors/temps!


You will still need a Motiv Reflex for Port Injection and Other various controls but now you have the interface and display to read info as it happens, setup warnings, and monitor temps at a glance! You can also set this up with an EGT sensor, flex fuel sensor, WMI Tank Level Sensor, brake pad temp/tire temp sensor! This can get pretty advanced if you so choose. EGT values without a sensor are mathematical model configured by a multitute of other values in a simulation form basically, and external sesnors can be toggled off/on at ease through settings. 


⚠️ Built-In Warning System will warn you if one of the following parameters exceeds threshold:

Engine temperature

Oil temperature

Transmission temperature

Exhaust temperature

Oil pressure

Water methanol injection system level


Buildable Graphs for:


Engine Temp

Oil Temp

Trans Temp (per clutch)

Exhaust temperature (you can connect external sensors to read real EGT, instead of mathematic model)

Intake temps

Fuel temp (mathematic model)

Battery voltage

Vehicle speed

Fuel tank in liters

FlexFuel (external sensor) 🌽

Boost - actual & target


Oil Psi




Ignition angle

Injection quantity



Logs are recording at 30hz, which means you have 30 frames in a second being captured to be analyzed. 


Please Note: Installation Guide is in the works! Place your orders now as we have only 6 units made ready to go, and can make more but just takes some time. Installation Guides will be emailed once done, and then product will be packaged for shipment. Deliveries scheduled to be active later in August.


Kit Contents - TouchScreen Custom Built for each car's specific ac vent ( Left Center Only )

Harnesses and extensions necessary, along with the Module to read all the info, wires ready for tapping, and 3 plug and play harnesses.


Relatively easy to install, Just some plastic tab work to get the trim out ( personally done it on an F30 which took 30 seconds to pop out ) take vent out, connect harnesses ( each different size so you can't mess this up ) put a few pins in 4 spots, accessed in the passenger footwell area. 1 Wire reads DME, 1 Wire Reads TCU info. - If you can do a reflex, this shouldn't be too difficult.


Professional Installation Recommended for those who are not expeirenced with wiring!

B58R Vent Display "BIMI"

$999.00 Regular Price
$499.50Sale Price
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