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Custom Made Axle Back Exhaust for G30


Video shows how it sounds when paired with a catless downpipe (cold start) 

- Get rid of those ugly trapezoid exhaust tips and replace with a staggered quad tip exhaust! 


- Add some noise on acceleration! This doesn't add too much though to be annoying while daily driving, even with catless downpipe. I think its the perfect noise level for daily comfort. Really opens up when you accelerate into the higher RPMs. Sounds Great!


- Lines up perfectly with stock diffuser or aftermarket M5 style ones for an extra aggressive look. Tips have a staggered style to them. 


Price: $450 

Delivery Fee: Please Inquire


This product is only elible if purchased with Zelle, click "offline method" when purchasing so we have your order information. 


Please Put the Memo As "G30 Exhaust" and Zelle 4696670604 

G30 Quad Exit Exhaust

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