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Stock Turbo 60-130 and Info

So far, the best i've gotten on this setup with Dorch stage 2 hpfp and bm3 ots software, along with an xhp tune ofcourse, was a very low 9 second 60-130. I spun a bit on the hit, which without that, would've been in the high 8s for sure, but oh well, it will get alot faster soon. It already feels like a completly different animal driving compared to Stock just a week ago. Others have reported with similar mods a high 8 60-130 as well, this seems to be the average that people run on Stage 2+ Bm3 E50 OTS on 540s. To go any faster, an aggressive custom tune will be needed, good tires, and weight reduction would help.

For Reference, This is a RWD 540i , Full weight with a full tank weighing in at 4,000lbs. (Without Driver) Half Tank saves about 60-80lbs, so might scratch off another 0.1-0.2 seconds here.

The M240ix, last B58 project, Hit a very low 8 sec 60-130, and it weighed 3340lbs. Exact same Mods, just almost 700lbs lighter and a custom tune by Sameh Yehia. ( was 30 degrees warmer too ) a high 7s 60-130 is possible in optimal conditions with stock turbo and weight reduction on a Gen 1 B58, those 7s stock turbos arent reserved only for Supras ;)

Interestingly enough, the Drag Coefficient of the F22 - M240ix is 0.28 CD meanwhile the G30's Drag Coefficient is much better, actually ranked #9 best out of all the new production cars, totaling 0.22 drag coefficient (pre-LCI) and 0.23 for LCI G30s. Thats better than a Corvette Stingray! Theoretically, with same weight and custom tune on the G30 it should be even faster than the F22! Especially with less drivetrain loss with it being RWD not Xdrive.

Crazy to think about, but the G30 won't be getting gutted. I bought the interior, I am going to use it. Afterall, how can you not when it looks like this...

With the next set of mods I have planned for the G30, it should be blowing WELL past the 7 sec mark by a good bit, and retaining the full luxury interior. Stay tuned for the next post!

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