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Recent Updates from BM3:


LARGEST CustomROM software update ever is finally here bringing our Map Switching, Flex Fuel, AntiLag, In-Dash Ethanol content checking to your BMW GEN2 B58 and B48 vehicles, including the A9x Supra!💪😍

With the power of automation built over the last year which we applied in our S58 release for the first time, we managed to cover a GRAND total of 25 new ROMs including even some partial Mild Hybrid cars. Complete Mild Hybrid vehicle support will follow in the next release!

🔸Cars with DMEs requiring Femto unlock will get the CustomROM software update applied to their DME at the time of unlock.

🔸BM3 Flex Fuel hardware kits are also now available for all additional CustomROM supported vehicles including OEM Fuel Hat and Engine Bay Location installation kits for all S58, B58 and B48 engine vehicles including A90 Supra.

🔸No DME cloning required!

🔸List of ROMs covered in this update is published on our Release Notes Wiki

🔥We didn't stop there! Along with this CustomROM update, we've also pushed out v2.0.8 of the bootmod3 app adding some really big features including:

🔸Map config save/sync without internet access
- Make changes to your map config without internet access. When ready, config is sent to servers and map is downloaded with those settings applied

🔸Diagnostic DTC Code Read for inactive/shadow codes
- Now you can view both permanent and temporary/intermittent codes thrown by your vehicle modules.

🔸Diagnostics Code History Screen
- Archive of read codes organized by date/time with ability to copy codes to clipboard and send to anyone for discussion/review.

🔸Custom Tuning: Full Offline Custom Tuning support via external Map Editors using BM3C file
- First time ever, bm3 cloud services and map storage are now optional
- Export the Map Request from bm3 as a raw bin and use an editor such as WinOLS to build the custom map. Encrypt it using the v2 app or OBD Agent (no internet or cloud access required), and send to customer via email who flashes it to their vehicle without access to the bm3 cloud.
- If you're looking to keep your files entirely private/offline, now you can!

B58 Tuning - Bootmod3 (BM3) F/G Series BMW +A9X Supra

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